Ready to PLAY PodQuest Rewards?

First things first... read about the way the game is played and some of the awesome prizes you can win, below. THEN, we need to know your name and email so we can send you your rewards. Just opt-in on this page to get rolling.

Play PodQuest Rewards!

The more you listen, the more you win!

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In each episode, there will be the mention of the PodToken for that show. Write it down or remember it.

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Come back to your rewards page and submit your token for that particular episode as soon as you can.

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The Tokens are cumulative and you can win more (and bigger) prizes the more you play.

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Starting with your first token, you can win right away. Then come back with your next tokens for more!

Once you've enrolled in the Quest for the Pod...

You'll be sent an email with your login credentials and taken to your login page. Sign in to add new Tokens when you get them and accumulate your prizes. Free gifts will range from podcasting equipment (like the ATR2100 microphone) to live event VIP tickets, and discount coupons to free courses and trainings.

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